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Person of Trust

Companies are required to appoint a Person of Trust

Swiss companies must protect their employees and implement measures to prevent psychosocial risks at work and, in particular, psychological and sexual harassment. In this context, the Federal Court (decision of 9 May 2012) considered that companies are required to designate a Person of Trust (PoT) internal or external to the company.


The Person of Trust

The role of the Person of Trust is to provide support to employees, helping them to solve problems they encounter at work.

This includes situations of conflict, misunderstanding, harassment, mobbing, burn-out, stress, demotivation, overwork, isolation, exclusion, fear, violence, coercion.

This activity is always carried out in complete confidentiality and anonymity..


The conditions required to create trust

  • The Person of Trust must be able to ensure the confidentiality of discussions and the anonymity of individuals
  • Is hierarchically independent of the employer
  • Must be attentive to the employee’s concerns
  • Must be able to accompany and guide the employee towards the best approach according to his/her situation
  • Must be able to establish a relationship of trust with the employees



The Person of Trust reports on his/her activity, preserving the confidentiality and anonymity of the persons.

The PoT thus informs the company’s management of systemic trends and organisational issues that should be examined in order to improve the working environment.



The Person of Trust participates in the implementation of an effective psychosocial risk prevention and management policy. This will involve informing and training employees, encouraging them to speak out and ensuring that everyone feels protected by the measures implemented by the company.


Benefits to the employer

  • Ensuring safety and compliance with legal requirements in the workplace
  • To acknowledge the harmful interactions in the company and to stop them
  • Ensure a pleasant and professional environment


Benefits to the employee

  • We support you in this ordeal and are at your side
  • We are external and guarantee absolute confidentiality
  • Solution-based individual interview techniques
  • Knowledge of the working environment
  • Knowledge of employment law
  • Knowledge of the external network (medical, associations, disability insurance, etc.)



Our external Person of Trust is there to accompany you

Marie-France Tischhauser – PLEION CONSULTING SA

As a certified professional coach, she has put the human being at the centre of her interests and has accompanied many professionals in conflict management in companies, but also in career transition and career orientation, which is why she is able to offer companies and their employees a confidential, efficient and tailored Person of Trust and mediation service.

As a Human Resources Manager and holder of a CAS in Human Resources Management, she is familiar with labour law and HR processes. Having worked for 15 years as HR Manager in a “big four” company and 2 years in a local trustee company where she set up the HR function, she understands the issues related to the different aspects of the trustee company, their level of requirements in terms of training, personal development and the quality of services to be constantly maintained.

The constant exposure to numerous clients and different cases can lead to stress due to the respect of deadlines and the difficulty of the mandates, communication or relational problems, management problems and sometimes a certain weariness. Her solid professional experience allows her to offer the most appropriate solutions and to accompany and support the employees in the best possible way.



In order to guarantee confidentiality, she can meet with you in person at PLEION’s offices at 12, rue François Bonivard, 1201 Geneva, in a neutral external location, through Zoom, or over the phone.

Mobile : 079 680 26 66

Office : 022 404 42 00

Email :


Getting started with PLEION Consulting SA

Getting in touch in order to defuse a complex situation at work is essential to preserve a person’s integrity. Each individual can experience the feeling of injustice, loneliness and insecurity. This is why we encourage you to share your experience with the Person of Trust and thus open a window of opportunities.

The individual interview allows the employee suffering from professional distress to explain his or her situation to a neutral and attentive third party, with the guarantee that no action will be taken without the employee’s explicit agreement.

In most cases, a single interview is enough for the situation to resolve itself. In some instances, however, regular follow-up will be required to support your efforts and lead to further actions:

  • Accompany the employee to a meeting with his/her hierarchy or human resources.
  • Propose mediation with the person designated by the claimant as being responsible for the conflict situation presented.
  • Referring the claimant to an existing resource adapted to his or her situation (his or her own hierarchy, occupational medicine, a lawyer, an ergonomist, a psychotherapist, a general practitioner or the disability insurance).
  • Referring the claimant to a request for an investigation if the facts exposed are serious.

We accompany and support you so that you can be the actor of your professional life.