Our goal is to help you identify and exploit opportunities that can add value to your business.

With a footprint in Europe, Asia and Africa, either through physical presence or through our network of international partners, we bring a comprehensive range of expertise and experience, notably in the fields of information technology, finance, legal, wealth managementcross-border investment structuring, training, private concierge and business facilitation.


We assist African companies, institutions and individuals, targeting Europe and Asia, in:

  • Looking for potential business partners
  • Finding potential investors

We assist European and Asian companies, institutions and individuals, targeting Africa, in:

  • Penetrating new African markets
  • Looking for potential business partners
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investing in companies

Our services:

Initial thought process

  • Information on economic environment
  • Sector-specific market analysis
  • Establish a list of key contacts



  • Client development and acquisition
  • Identifying prospective partners
  • Business introductions


Economic intelligence




  • Domiciliation / Relocation
  • Infrastructure
  • Human resources management


Public Relations

  • Events management
  • Networking
  • Receptions

Accounting and Tax

Our team has the required capabilities and skills to support you in keeping your accounting, as well as your tax, in accordance with the legal obligations in effect.

Human Resources

Whether you are looking to recruit, manage your people, structure your company’s Human Resource, or plan for future growth, we can provide you with the experience and capabilities you need to achieve your business objectives.


You have just started your activities or have been serving customers for a while, but do not have a well-established brand? We help you in its development.