PLEION Consulting - Gestion De Fortune

Business Consulting

With a footprint in Europe, Asia and Africa, either through physical presence or through our network of international partners, we bring a comprehensive range of expertise and experience, notably in the fields of information technology, finance, legal, wealth management, cross-border investment structuring, training, private concierge and business facilitation.


Our clients, our only focus.

We assist African companies, institutions and individuals, targeting Europe and Asia, in:

  • Looking for potential business partners
  • Finding potential investors


We assist European and Asian companies, institutions and individuals, targeting Africa, in:

  • Penetrating new African markets
  • Looking for potential business partners
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investing in companies


Our services:

Initial thought process

  • Information on economic environment
  • Sector-specific market analysis
  • Establish a list of key contacts



  • Client development and acquisition
  • Identifying prospective partners
  • Business introductions



  • Domiciliation / Relocation
  • Infrastructure
  • Human resources management


Public Relations

  • Events management
  • Networking
  • Receptions


Economic intelligence